Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants

Michael Bauer

April 1, 2007

The menu has expanded and taken on a more creative aura in the last year, which is reflected in the prices, too (the five-course tasting menu has risen from $38 to $48). Now chef-owner Mourad Lahlou offers dishes like baked giant lima beans with fresh feta, small meatballs skewered with grapes or spicy lamb sausage with a goat yogurt and fromage blanc dip. Unlike many Moroccan restaurants that play up Middle Eastern cliches, Lahlou has created a sophisticated menu and dining room with both table and more traditional seating. It’s romantic and understated, and the food is fabulous.

Five-course tasting menu ($49); b’steeya; Mediterranean spreads; couscous Aziza (with lamb, chicken, prawns); squab with mushrooms.