“This book is a treasure. It capture Mourad’s intelligence and curiosity and, more important, his warmth and generosity.” -Daniel Patterson, chef-owner of Coi and author of Aroma

Mourad Lahlou presents a collection of dazzingly delicious recipes in his first cookbook, Mourad: New Moroccan. Mourad loves to play in the space between tradition and invention, marrying the flavors and ideas of Morocco with the fresh ingredients and lighter hand of Northern California.

“The soul of Moroccan cooking, thoughtfully reimagined and generously shared.” -Thomas Keller, chef-proprietor of The French Laundry and author of Ad Hoc at Home

In Mourad’s hands, a classic chicken tagine with preserved lemons and green olives is carefully reworked as a perfect roast chicken with root vegetables golden, crisp-skinned, juicy, and entirely “new Moroccan.” He shows how to experiment while fixing fried almonds, a delicious bite to begin a meal no matter how they’re prepared. In addition, he explains how the number seven is sacred in Morocco, especially when it comes to food, while presenting his “seven things that really matter about Moroccan cooking,” a septet of classes with master recipes.

“Mourad works like a mad genius in the kitchen, churning through ideas until he lands on just the right combination of flavors, just the right textures?a dish that feels whole.” -Amanda Hesser, co-founder of food52.com and author of The Essential New York Times Cookbook

Among the 170 recipes are favorites from the Aziza menu, adapted for the home kitchen. Gorgeous photographs by Deborah Jones capture the results in their full-color glory. A gateway into understanding the soul of a great cuisine, this cookbook not only makes a great keepsake after a trip to Aziza but will be a treasure in your home library.


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